My name is Tom Wahnsiedler. I have been in IT for all my working life, which in IT terms is a long time. I can tell really boring stories about using punch cards and the first IBM PCs and how I wrote in something like blogs in the 1980s using Lotus Notes, and please don’t get me started about “The Cloud” and “Big Data” or maybe I will end up writing about them!

I have resisted starting a blog for many years, because I know there are gazillions of blogs out there, and I thought nobody would be interested in anything I had to say.  Over the years I have written numerous long and short topical emails to friends and had the odd article published, and people have repeatedly told me I should have a blog, or maybe a column. I have finally given in.

I still wonder why anyone would want to listen to me, but to anyone who stops by to read something, I say, you are most welcome.  I hope you find what I write enjoyable, thought-provoking, or at very least tolerable. If not, don’t worry – there are gazillions more blogs to read elsewhere.



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